1. unclosed, unshut, wide open, agape, gaping, yawning, patulous, ringent, dehiscent; (of a door) unlocked, unbolted, unlatched, ajar, sprung, jimmied; (of a window) raised, up; (of a drawer) pulled out, sticking out, protruding; (of a box) unlidded, lid-less, topless, coverless, unsealed; (of a tap) uncorked, unplugged, tapped, broached, abroach, on.
2. unenclosed, unscreened, unfenced, unbarred, unbounded; uncovered, unsheltered, roofless, unprotected, unfortified; unveiled, exposed, bare, naked, open to view, on display or exhibit.
3. wide, extensive, broad, wide-open, spacious, roomy, uncrowded, uncluttered, unconfining; free, unobstructed, clear, unblocked, passable, navigable; developed, unbuilt, not built up.
4. holey, full of holes or spaces, airy, (of military ranks) loose, sloppy; porous, honeycombed, lacy, spongy, spongelike, sievelike, cribiform, crible, alveolate, faveolate, faveolus; perforated, punctured, pin-pricked, pierced, riddled, pitted.
5. unfolded, unfurled, unbent, straightened out, unrolled; extended, stretched out, drawn out, spread out, sprawled out.
6. public, open to the public, open to outsiders; general, inclusive, non-exclusive, nondiscriminatory, free or open to all.
7. accessible, enterable, reachable, within reach, obtainable, at hand; available, on hand, on call, on tap, at one's beck and call; for sale, buyable, purchasable, rentable, there for the asking or taking, stealable.
8. vacant, empty, void, unfilled, unoccupied, untenanted, tenantless, uninhabited; untaken, unclaimed, Inf. up for grabs; usable, at one's disposal or command.
9. unbooked, unscheduled, uncommitted, unprom-ised, free.
10. unrestricted, unqualified, unconditional, unregulated, no strings attached; ungoverned, laissez-faire, no-holds-barred, free-wheeling.
11.(of weather or water) unfrozen, ice-free, frost-less, frost-free, thawed; mild, moderate, temperate, even.
12. undecided, unsettled, undetermined, indeterminate, unfixed, yet to be decided, up in the air; debatable, controvertible, contestable, arguable, disputable, disputed, questionable, problematic, moot, doubtful, dubious; experimental, indefinite, uncertain, undemonstrated, unproven, unconfirmed.
13. open-minded, receptive, amenable; broad-minded, unprejudiced. See open-minded (defs. 1, 2).
14.Usu. open to
liable, prone, disposed, predisposed, tending, leaning, inclined; subject, susceptible, pregnable, defenseless against, vulnerable.
15. manifest, overt, evident, obvious, apparent, visible, in plain view or sight, noticeable, conspicuous, out in the open, unhidden, unconcealed, undisguised; express, avowed, advertised, published, broadcast; palpable, patent, clear, plain, transparent, sheer, outright, downright, out-and-out, unmitigated; blatant, flagrant, glaring, egregious, barefaced, baldfaced, flaunting, brazen, shameless, arrant.
16. unreserved, heart-to-heart; candid, sincere. See open-hearted(defs. 1, 2).
17. generous, liberal, charitable. See open-handed.
18.(of a door) unlock, unbolt, unlatch, throw open, spring, jimmy; (of a window) raise, lift, throw up; (of a drawer) pull out; (of a box) take off the top, uncase, unseal; (of a package) unwrap, undo; (of a tap) uncork, unstop, tap, broach, turn on; break into, blast through, cut into or through, lance, incise, cut open, cleave; dilate, distend, become open, dehisce, burst forth, come apart, split, crack.
19. unblock, unobstruct, unstop, unclog, flush out, rout out, clear out; purge, clean out, cleanse, defecate; make clear, free up, let flow.
20. give access to, open to access or passage, make accessible or available; reopen, unclose; reexamine, re-inspect, take another look at.
21. uncover, unveil, unshroud, uncurtain, unmask, expose, bare, lay bare; present, expose to view, exhibit, display, show; disclose, reveal, bring to light, bring out, show up, make manifest or evident; divulge, unbosom, spill, come out with, let drop or fall, blurt or let pour out, communicate or tell about; make known, let [s.t.] be known, release, announce, advertise, publish, air, broadcast, proclaim, Archaic. divulgate.
22. enlighten, broaden [s.o.'s] horizons, open [s.o.'s] eyes, make [s.o.] see the light; edify, acquaint with, familiarize with, apprise or inform of, introduce to; explain, expound upon, interpret, describe, illustrate; clarify, elucidate, make plain, spell out, decipher, decode.
23. unfold, unbend, unwind, unfurl, unroll, uncoil, (both of hands) unclutch, unclench, (all of flowers) blossom, bloom, flower; extend, spread out, (of a book) turn to a page.
24. expand, widen, enlarge, broaden, move out or apart; separate, set at intervals, space out, put space between, part, split up.
25. open for business, begin business, set up shop, receive business, hang out one's shingle; establish, institute, set up, organize; found, lay the first stone or foundation for, originate, bring into being, create, be a charter member of; pioneer, make the way for, blaze a trail for, break ground for.
26.Sometimes open for
begin, start, initiate, ring in, inaugurate, launch, get [s.t.] off the ground, set [s.t.] in operation; commence, enter upon, embark upon, get going in; lead off, take the first step, take the initiative, go first, break the ice, take the plunge, get the ball rolling.
27. open onto
border on, abut on, adjoin, connect with, be connected or joined with; lead or take [s.o.] to give access to, be a passage or way to, afford entrance to, be an opening or door or portal to.
28. open up
Slang.a. open fire, being or start firing or shooting.b. reveal oneself, let down one's defenses; speak out, vent one's emotions, get [s.t.] off one's chest, pour out one's heart to.c.(of a vehicle) give it gas, Inf. gun or rev the engine; accelerate, speed up, speed.

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